Post Construction Cleaning Services

CC Restoration's Post Construction Cleaning Services

Let Us Clean your NEW Post Construction Home or Business

We specialize in post construction cleaning, post renovation cleaning, and post remodel cleaning services. We can handle all sized projects, from small private residences to very large-scale commercial, industrial, educational, and governmental projects spanning many thousands of feet. We can deploy crews to handle any size project.

Post Construction Clean Up Services in Colorado Springs
Post Construction Clean Up Services in Colorado Springs

One of our fortes is high-end construction private projects where perfecting the final touch of cleaning, and handing off a flawless new home or building is critical. Not only do we clean the surface, but we provide fine detailing of every surface. From using HEPA filtered vacuums to trap airborne particles to using microfiber cloths to protect delicate surfaces from scratching or marking, our cleaning specialists prioritize even the smallest details.

Our Post-Construction Detail Process:

  • Structural cleaning with hripavac
  • Chem sponge testing
  • Outside power washing
  • Light switches
  • Sockets
  • Light fixtures
  • Eliminating toxic fumes and smoke odors
  • Cleaning contents affected by the smoke

The Importance of Post-Construction Cleaning

Time is certainly of the essence when it comes to construction. In a delay of a project someone is displaced which will cost someone money. If the homeowner is working with a professional builder there might be a penalty clause in their contract for a delay which is highly motivating for the contractor to have a quick post-construction cleaning company.

Even a homeowner who is running their own project, by this time, is anxious to complete the project and move in. By hiring a professional cleanup company you know they will have all of the necessary equipment for a quick turn around.

So, whether you are planning a commercial or residential construction project you need to think seriously about hiring a professional post-construction cleaning service.

Have questions about our professional post-construction cleaning services? We’d be happy to help! Call 719-481-3035 and speak with one of our cleaning specialists or fill out our contact form and let us know about your contents cleaning and restoration needs!