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CC Restoration's Contents Services

CC Restorations is committed to providing swift and effective contents cleaning services. No matter how small or severe the damage, our specialists will help you repair, replace, or restore your personal property quickly and conveniently.

Contents Restoration

Contents restoration can apply to a whole range of different items that may become damaged after a disaster such as a flood, fire, or water from burst pipes. Restoring items contained within the property to the original condition before the damage is just as vital as external restoration, especially when it comes to salvaging sentimental belongings. CC Restoration has over 22 years of experience in contents cleaning, and we provide professional contents cleaning services for Colorado homeowners and business owners.

Contents Pack-Out/Pack-Back

After a disaster occurs, it can be such a vulnerable time for your family or business. Your valuable belongings are in a state of needing repair, cleaning, and storage while your property is restored. Our teams know how valuable such items are to our clients. We diligently handle the pack out and pack back. With every pack out we provide Matterport Camera photos of the entire home or damaged areas of the building. Each item is inventoried and all non-salvageable or previously damaged belongings are documented during the pack out process.

Contents Cleaning Services

Climate Controlled Storage

Contents Cleaning Services in Colorado Springs

Our facility holds 14 thousand square footage of climate-controlled storage for the protection of your contents. This is where we will store your belongings while we clean and decontaminate everything. Once the property has been properly restored our teams provide a complete pack back of your belongings. For your convenience, we unpack the items back to the original location before the disaster.

Can Your Contents Be Restored After a Disaster?

CC Restoration has successfully recovered contents from many different property types, including private residences, hotels, and commercial properties. Our content specialists are trained in specialized knowledge required to recover and restore your possessions. CC Restorations is trained in everything from restoring water damaged rugs, furniture, antiques and more. We’ll salvage and restore all soft-good furnishings such as clothing, sheets, blankets, etc.

CC Restoration Contents Cleaning Services Include:

  • Complete pack out
  • Climate-controlled storage until facility is ready
  • Complete restoration of physical items, including:
    • Hard-good furnishing
    • Soft-good furnishing
    • Vital records
    • Machinery
    • Inventories
    • Office equipment


At CC Restoration, we believe that content cleaning and restoration should be as painless as possible. We offer emergency content cleaning services to Colorado homeowners and business owners alike. We’ll help you get back to normal as quickly and easily as possible.

If you have been affected by a disaster and need expert content cleaning services you can call CC Restoration seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Contact us today about our emergency content cleaning services, and restore your damaged goods quickly and conveniently!

Have questions about our professional content cleaning services? We’d be happy to help! Call 719-481-3035 and speak with one of our cleaning specialists or fill out our contact form and let us know about your contents cleaning and restoration needs!

We had moved into our new home and found out, there was damage to our subflooring in our living room and dining area, and need for our furniture and other items to be pack up and moved. They did an excellence job ensuring all out belongings were packed properly. Then we needed to have our items moved back into our home and unpacked. Again, they did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend CC Restorations.

Richard P