Military Contents Restoration

Military Contents Restoration Services

One of the many challenges military families experience is being relocated multiple times. When it comes to moving overseas, there is potential damage or contamination that can occur from the salt water. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for military families moving overseas. The boxes can be saturated by water and humidity. This environment is perfect for mold growth. We understand the frustration of finding out your belongings have mold damage after a military move. CC Restoration offers military contents restoration and cleaning services for military families all across Colorado. We’ll restore your personal items to their original state so you can finally feel comfortable in your new home!

Our contents cleaning team is trained in specialized cleaning for personal property damaged by mold. CC Restorations’ cleaning process includes transporting your damaged belongings to our in-house climate-controlled storage, assessing whether items are salvageable or non-salvageable, and cleaning of each salvageable item. We document all items that are non-salvageable, and we inventory all items that we clean and store for you. Once the cleaning has been completed, we will provide a full pack-back so you can settle down in your new home.

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Military Contents Restoration Services in Colorado Springs

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