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Hoarders House Cleaning Services
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When an individual chooses to collect items and then becomes emotionally attached to them, this can compel them to stockpile the collected items, regardless of whether they have any real value or not. Collectors not only feel the need to acquire more items, but they refuse to throw anything away out of fear of losing something valuable or useful. As a result, the piles accumulate more and more items causing the living space to be blocked off. This prevents everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning which can cause severe sanitary issues.

The living conditions in a collector’s home deteriorate and become hazardous for anyone who goes in or around the house. The extreme clutter can cause mold growth, pest infestations, structural damage, fire hazards, and various health issues, such as respiratory diseases and infections. In conditions like these, it is crucial to have professionals handle the cleaning and organization process.

Hoarders House Cleaning Services in Colorado Springs
Hoarders House Cleaning Services in Colorado Springs

CC Restoration specialists are trained to remove and pack out the items efficiently and safely. During this process, our technicians will sort through each item and determine whether they are salvageable or not. It is very important to go through this decision process so contaminated items or mold gets separated. We will also work thoroughly with the homeowner to ensure confidence in what to keep or to remove.

If there has been cross contamination with mold items, CC Restoration provides specialized cleaning services to ensure all affected items can be restored to the original state before the mold growth. We will store the belongings in our climate-controlled facility until the damage from the house has been restored.

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