Restoration and Contents FAQs

We will first have our project manager walk the property to assess the damage. Following this step, we will reach out to your insurance company to discuss coverage of the damage. Once we have everything cleared with your insurance, we will give you a call to schedule a time for our team to come pack out the contents or move the contents to another room.

If you were to flip a house upside-down, anything that would fall out would be considered “contents” (furniture, wall decor, kitchen appliances, etc.).

Our team will look at each item and consider how affected the item was by the loss that occurred. An example of a non-salvageable item with water loss would be wood, due to the porous material. Wood can soak up water, and after a period of time, mold growth can appear. An example of a non-salvageable item with a fire loss would be pillows or a couch near where the fire occurred. This is due to not being able to remove the smoke damage within the fabric.

Yes. Each box packed has inventory of the items inside. All large items wrapped in moving pads are inventoried. Inventory is based on location, and box/item number.

Typically, the insurance company will cover the cost based on the amount of coverage that is on the policy. The owner may need to pay a deductible, depending on their insurance policy. If a property owner does not have insurance coverage, then the cost would be deemed out-of-pocket.

The length of this process can vary depending on the amount of damage that has occurred. Once we send a project manager out to walk through the property, we can then assess the amount of days a pack-out could take. The cleaning process is based on when we receive approval from the provided insurance and a signature from the property owner for us to start cleaning the contents. Once the property has been restored to its original state, we can transport all the clean belongings to their proper location. It is our goal to make this process as quick and efficient as possible.

Residential, commercial, and governmental properties.

All items that have been damaged during the pack-out or in transportation to our facility will be repaired. If we cannot repair the damage, it will be covered at our cost. Any damage done from fire or water will be deemed either salvageable or non salvageable. Previous damage before the disaster is not covered by CC Restorations.

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